War Truck Disaster Drive

Running Time: 92 minutes
Release Date: March 2016
Genre: Action/Adventure/Science Horror
Synopsis: Three guys go on an off road trip of a lifetime in their newly acquired Army Truck, but it all goes horribly wrong when it’s not just trees and woodland they end up running into. Mad scientists and monsters, and a full scale zombie apocalypse await them as they find themselves not so much off-the-beaten-track but off-their-beaten-heads in the darkest depths of the Florida Straits. Will they end up toast or could their lager swilling English mate Jason save them, and the world, from un-mitigating Natural disaster?

Ewan Rigg: Reece, Brother Bloodstream, Rio Quaringteen,
LT. Books, Corpse on Table Biker Storm2
Tom Stavely: Dr Hammer, Maurice, Dr Schultz, Reece’s Uncle,
Intern, Biker Storm1, Horserider Storm1, Army Storm
Ian Moody: Chuck, Eye Donor, Horserider Storm2
Mark Fox: Jason, Dr Dargos, The Cleaner, Turban Storm
Jim Shewell: Dr Shewellenstein
Dan Hewitt: Adam
Dave Goldsmith: Axel
Sergio Morena: Dr Sardi

Special Guest Stars:

Frank Werbals: Commander Blaze
Vanessa Shaw: Girl On Train

Fun Twit Twoo Fact:

Whilst walking in the Sandon countryside Twit Twoo Films’ Tom Stavely stumbled over a mysteriously parked and totally unguarded US Army Truck in the middle if nowhere and for the taking. After a couple of quick phone calls and a rummage for some army gear the Twit Twoo gang were sat inside its cabin with no keys and some creative camera moves, filming the drive of their lives. An epic 2.5 years later War Truck Disaster Drive finally drove into view.