I was a Teenage Merman

Running Time: 91 minutes
Release Date: October 2016
Genre: Action/Adventure/Science Horror
Synopsis: A misfit privately own island hosts a warp minded experiment that goes right then very wrong. The Merman is on the loose, but theres far more going on than just the one genetic mistake picking off the scientists that created him. We look into the lives and minds of the sort of people who wound up living and working on the strange island of Barnardous. A story about people and science. Made on a budget of exactly zero, no script no story plan.

Tom Stavely: Dr Hammer
Ewan Rigg: Dr Tong, LT. Books
Ian Moody: Dr. Eugene, Fighter Pilot
Mark Fox: Dr Fox, Fighter Pilot
Jim Shewell: Dr Shewellenstein
Dan Hewitt: Dr BeckleyDave Goldsmith: Axel
Steve O’Connor: Sgt. Storm

Special Guest Stars:

Frank Stallone: Mr Quill
Frank Werbals: Dr Werbals

Fun Twit Twoo Fact:

I was a Teenage Merman was filmed, edited filmed and sort of mashed together from Spring 2015 to the final scenes shot in 2016.